Thursday, December 1, 2016

Scaffolding Objectives

     Scaffolding is a great way to slowly and gradually introduce the children to the topics being taught in the unit.  It is an opportunity for the students to fully understand the information they are learning at a pace that is good for all types of learners.  It is also a way for the teacher to start slowly and understand how each student learns and what each of them specifically need in order to succeed.  That way, the teacher can modify their future lessons to those standards so that each student learns to the best of their ability while keeping at a good pace.
     One way I scaffolded my unit so that the students would be able to build up to a deeper understanding of the topic was by gradually introducing the history of South America while working on art projects that gradually got harder as they went on through the unit.  In lesson one, we started out with a simple project of creating a collage map of South America.  They learned about the basic history of South America and had the chance to create a simple collage.  The second lesson involved learning about the types of land in South America which had a little more specific and scientific information being taught.  This learning lead them to create a pretty simple landform flip book, however, it was a little more difficult than just the collage map.  Finally, in the last three lessons, the students have a cumulating art project that is more difficult in the art itself and with understanding the rainforest.  The students will start lesson three by learning about the four layers of the rainforest and all that they entail.  After this lesson, the students will begin their Shoebox Project by choosing one layer they would like to focus on.  Then lesson four and five will focus one on plants and the other on animals specifically in the Amazon Rainforest.  The students will learn what species live on each layer and how they all interact with each other to create the whole ecosystem and environment they live in.  Then after each lesson, the student will add either the plants or animals to their shoebox layer.  In the end, the student will have learned a lot about the overall rainforest, its layers, and all of the main plants and animals who live there while gradually understanding each of these concepts as the lessons increase in difficulty level.

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